Amy Havens

Hugely popular and acclaimed international pilates teacher Amy Havens arrives to Somatic Studio in June!

Amy’s studio in Santa Barbara is one of the world’s leading pilates training studios with a number of internationally praised pilates teachers visiting on a regular basis. Amy is exhilarating, open-minded and versatile as an instructor and trainer. She brings the California sunlight and warmth with her. At Amy´s classes the atmosphere is open and accepting – you will learn and refresh in a mild environment.

During Amy’s visit you will have the opportunity to participate in workshops for pilates teachers and also take part in open mat classes. Teaching language is English.



Breaking Down & Building Up: A study in the Advanced Repertoire


For reformer instructors

Time: Thu June 7th 10.00-15.30
Price: 245 €

In this Reformer workshop, we will look at several advanced exercises by breaking down, identifying the fundamentals within and peeling back the layers to reveal the hidden gems within. The upper level exercises need not be unapproachable or ignored if the sequencing and layering is clarified. Let’s de-construct, break down and build back up to feel the comprehensive connection between fundamental to advanced and empower ourselves to teach and do these exercises more often.

In this workshop we will discuss, explore and uncover some of the possible mysteries and challenges in the Intermediate to Advanced level Reformer repertoire. Taking a deeper look at components and elements of the exercises, we will assess, break down, and integrate fundamentals into the intermediate and advanced layer. This workshop is intended to clarify and enhance your form, function and efficiency of the upper level exercises.


Open Level Mat Class , “Back to Basics”

All Are Welcome

Time: Thu June 7th 16.00-17.00
Price: 35 €

A solid foundation is the premise for any Pilates practice. Gain deeper understanding of the primary connections in this back to basics class. Come feel how important the basics can be, feeling how “less is more” and simple isn’t always easy.


Advanced Mat Workout

Advance level

Time: Thu June 7th 17.15-18.15
Price: 35 €

Come ready to breathe, sweat and move through this full body workout!


Rotation Exercises in the Pilates Studio

For pilates instructors

Time: Fri June 8th 10.00-12.00. Fully booked! Sign up for the queue.

Price:  99 €

This workshop will allow you to see and feel how to add rotation exercises to your Pilates programming. Focusing on shoulder, spine and pelvis, we will utilize the Reformer, Cadillac, Chair, Barrel and small props learning comprehensive fluid sequences.

Rotation is an everyday movement pattern that occurs naturally, but can sometimes become inhibited leading to possible faulty movement strategies and compensations. Our goal as teachers is to help identify possible interruptions and clarify movements in the transverse and longitudinal/central axis for efficiency and ease in gait, stride and overall expression of movement.


Classical Workshop for Teachers: “It’s All In The Details”

For pilates instructors

Time: Fri June 8th 13.00-15.00
Price:  86 €

Remember the fluidity from one exercise to another as well as the accuracy and precision of movement is a signature of the Pilates Method. We must not forget the importance of the details and transition from one movement to the next, keeping in mind that the transitions are sometimes the exercises themselves. This workshop invites you to stay in the moment, moving through familiar sequences with more continuity, grace and ease. We’ll address proximal to distal awareness and connection to maximize efficiency.


Open Level Mat Workout

Time: Fri June 8th 16.00-17.00
Price: 35 €

Expanding on the “It’s All In The Details” workshop, this class will flow seamlessly from one exercise to another with clear and precise transitions that are sometimes an entire exercise on their own. By the end of this workout, you’ll feel how the original 34 Mat exercises are really just one exercise threaded together.


Open Intermediate Mat Workout with Additional Add-On Options

Time: Fri June 8th 17.15-18.15
Price: 35 €

This full body Mat workout will leave you feeling challenged both physically and mentally. We will “add on” often unseen or unfamiliar extra exercises to further enhance your Pilates Mat repertoire. The add-on exercises are based on historical references. Come experience the fun and different ways to add onto your regular Mat sequencing.


About Amy Havens

Amy is a Pilates Method Alliance Certified Pilates Teacher and holds additional certifications in pre/post natal training through CORE Conditioning, is a licensed Pilates for Buff Bones™ (Rebekah Rotstein, founder) teacher and faculty member. She has completed BASI’s® rigorous Mentor and Master Programs with Rael Isacowitz and is a proud graduate of Pat Guyton’s Pilates Conservatory Teacher Training Program®.

Amy has also completed Gil Hedley’s 6-Day Intensive Hands-On Human Dissection Workshop, has been a member of IDEA since 2001 and is a founding teacher for Pilates Anytime. Her unending curiosity for learning continues to lead her down the fascinating path of movement education.

Amy is a founding teacher for Pilates Anytime and is a presenter at Balanced Body: Pilates on Tour. Her studio, CenterPoint Pilates, has had the honor of regularly hosting various guest teachers including Rebekah Rotstein, Jennifer Kries, Eric Franklin, and the studio’s mentor, Pat Guyton. It is considered the place to study Pilates in Santa Barbara.

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